Straight Talk Hotspot Not Working? 5 Quick Tips To Fix It

Straight Talk provides prepaid mobile data and phone services for users. It is a no-contract phone service for customers who can’t afford or don’t want long-term monthly contracts.

The network allows you to use your mobile device as a WiFi hotspot. This means you can connect your computer or other devices to your Straight Talk mobile network to access the internet.

We know how frustrating it can be if you’ve enabled your Straight Talk hotspot and it still won’t work. Several reasons can cause your Straight Talk hotspot not to work well.

 This post will outline some of the ways to fix your Straight Talk hotspot not working issue. At the end of this post, you should be able to fix the issue and Hotspot your Straight Talk device seamlessly.

Why Is My Straight Talk Hotspot Not Working?

Several reasons can cause your Straight Talk Hotspot not to work. These are some of the common reasons why your straight talk hotspot won’t work:

a. Using The Wrong Data Plan

Before now, users were not allowed to use their Straight Talk device as a WiFi hotspot. This means that they can’t connect their computer or any other device to their Straight Talk network. Thankfully, since October 2019, Straight Talk removed the limitation, and now allows users to use their device as a WiFi hotspot.

But to use your Straight Talk device as a WiFi hotspot, you need to use the correct data plan. You need the Straight Talk $55 Ultimate Unlimited Data for this. This data plan gives you access to 10GB of hotspot data for 30 days. So unless you are subscribed to this data plan, your Straight Talk Hotspot won’t work.  

b. Violating Terms of Contract

Despite allowing users to use the Straight Talk device as a WiFi hotspot, there are some terms of the contract that users must adhere to. Failure to adhere to the terms can lead to canceling your Straight Talk service. For instance, you are not allowed to use the Straight Talk hotspot for streaming videos or even gaming.

c. Server Or Network Issue

If your Straight Talk hotspot network suddenly stops working, it could be a network outage issue. You need to check if your device is getting a strong signal. To know if your Straight Talk device has a strong signal, follow the steps below for different network indicators:

. Check the top corner of your screen to see the Signal Strength Indicator.

. If the indicator shows red, that shows no network signal.

. When the indicator shows green, that shows a good network signal.

. If the indicator shows amber, that shows a weak network signal.

d. Device Limit

You can connect up to 5 devices at a time to your Straight Talk Hotspot. You will have issues if you try to connect more devices than allowed. Also, note that connecting multiple devices to your Straight Talk hotspot will reduce performance and internet speed.

How To Fix My Straight Talk Hotspot To Start Working

These are some troubleshooting options you can try to get your Straight Talk hotspot working again.

Fix 1. Restart Your Device

The easiest troubleshooting tip to try is to restart your device. If it’s your Straight Talk phone you use as a WiFi hotspot, turn off your mobile phone or device. Wait a couple of seconds, turn on your phone and reconnect again.

Fix 2. Enable Your Device To Activate Hotspot

To use your Straight Talk phone as a Wifi hotspot, you have to enable the hotspot option the right way. Follow the steps below to enable hotspot on your device.

. Turn on the mobile data on your phone. To do this, go to ‘Settings’ on your phone. Tap on the ‘Mobile Data’ option to activate mobile data on your phone. To confirm the mobile data is on, check the top menu on your phone for the two arrows beside the 4G icon.

. The next step is to turn on the hotspot option on your phone. Go to ‘Settings’ and tap on the ‘Tethering & Mobile Hotspot’ to turn on the hotspot option.

. Search for the Straight Talk network on your other device and connect to the network. After that, you can use the other device to connect to the internet.

Fix 3. Move Your Device

If the network keeps disconnecting, try moving the device to another location in the house. It could be that there is a device that emits electromagnetic (EM) that blocks network signals. Examples of such devices are Treadmills, automatic garage doors, surveillance cameras, lights, copy machines and similar devices.

Fix 4. Factory Reset Device

This should be your final option. That is to factory reset your device. Resetting your device will clear all data saved on your device. It is advisable to reset your device only if there is an absolute need for it. To reset your Straight Talk device, follow the steps below.

. Turn on your Straight Talk mobile device.

. Press and hold the WiFi/WPS and 3G keys for 20 seconds. Release the keys after the process is complete.

Fix 5. Contact Straight Talk Support Center

If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting tips and your Straight Talk hotspot isn’t still working, the next logical option is to contact their support center. It could be that it is a general issue. They should be able to help you fix the issue with no issue. You can send an email or use the online chat support option on their website.


So far, this post has outlined several tips to help you troubleshoot your Straight Talk device hotspot and get it working again. But first, always ensure you’re on the right data plan. That is the $55 unlimited plan that gives you 10GB of hotspot data. Any other cheaper plan won’t allow you access to WiFi hotspot option.