How To Stream Facebook On Roku Device

Roku is one of the top streaming devices out there.   Roku brings affordable entertainment to your home. For just $29, you have access to various channels and entertainment platforms using your Roku device.  With Roku, you can access platforms like YouTube and other streaming platforms online. 

 This is how the Roku device works.  You connect your Roku device to the internet using a wireless or wired internet connection.  The Roku device downloads videos from the internet to your Smart TV.   You stream the various channels and entertainment platforms on your Smart TV.   With your Roku device, you decide when and what to watch based on your choice. 

 Facebook on the other hand is one of the top social media platforms on the internet.  Facebook helps you connect to friends and family.  You can share personal stuff like your pictures, videos, short write ups on your Facebook profile.  You can also search for new friends on Facebook.  The video option on Facebook allows you to watch millions of entertaining videos from family friends and celebrities of your choice.

Sadly, you can’t access the Facebook app on your Roku device. This is sad, especially if you’re someone that likes to keep in touch with happenings on Facebook in real time.

Thankfully, there is a way to fix this issue. You will need your Smartphone to mirror Facebook live on your Roku device. Follow this tutorial to get the step to step procedure and how to get it done in minutes.

How To Get Facebook App On Your Roku Device.

 Step 1. Turn on your internet connection via your wired or wireless device.  But a wireless device works best for this process.

 Step 2.  Connect your Roku device to your wireless internet.  Connect your smartphone to the same wireless internet.  You can use different wireless internet connections, but for faster results, it’s best to connect both your Smart TV and a smartphone to the same wireless internet. 

Step 3. On your Roku home screen, press the home button on your Roku remote. Select the SETTINGS options from the other options on your screen. 

Step 4. From the next options on your screen, select SCREEN MIRRORING. 

Step 5. From the next drop down options, select ALWAYS ALLOW or PROMPT from the options available.  This option allows your device to mirror information. 

Step 6. It will automatically search for nearby devices.  Once you see your device name on the screen, click on the name. 

Step 7. If you have the Facebook app already on your smartphone, launch the app.  If not download the Facebook app from the App store and launch the app on your phone. Your smartphone will cast the Facebook app to show on your Smart TV. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 Can I get Facebook directly on my Roku device?

 No.  You can’t get the Facebook app directly on your Roku streaming platform.  You need to cast the app using your smartphone to show on your Smart TV.


 Following the steps in this article, you should be able to stream your Facebook app on your Roku device.  In other words, you can access your Facebook live videos, newsfeed, and images on your Smart TV using your Roku device.