10 Ways To Fix T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling Not Working Issue

These days, more people are inclined to use Wi-Fi calling than cellular network calls. It could be because of the many advantages that come with Wi-Fi calling.

For instance, Wi-Fi calling is way cheaper than normal calls. Also, it saves battery and you don’t need to subscribe to any special plan or contract to make Wi-Fi. Finally, it is a better alternative when the cellular network signal is low in your location.

Thankfully, T-Mobile offers Wi-Fi calls to its subscribers. If you’ve tried making a Wi-Fi call on your T-Mobile network and the call isn’t going through, no need to panic. In this post, you will learn why your T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling isn’t working and some troubleshooting tips to fix the issue.

Why Is My T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling Not Working?

There are several reasons why your T-Mobile Wi-Fi call isn’t working. It could be that you mistakenly toggled the airplane mode icon on your phone. Or, you need to restart your phone. Also, it could be an issue with your phone’s network setting or an update issue.

Regardless of the reason, you can get your T-Mobile Wi-Fi working in no time with the tips below.

10 Ways To Fix T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling Not Working Issue

a. Setup An E911 Address On My T-Mobile

Another reason why you’re having a problem with making Wi-Fi on T-Mobile could be that you’ve not set up an E911 address. You are required to set up an e911 address on My T-Mobile to use the Wi-Fi calling feature. If you’ve not set up this feature, follow the steps below to do so.

. Visit My T-Mobile and log into your account with your Username, Phone number, or Email. If this is your first time using the service, you will need to create an account.

. On the top right of the home page, click on your ‘Name’ and ‘Profile’.

. From the ‘Select Line’ option, select a line.

. Click on the ‘Line Settings’ option and further click on ‘E911 Address’.

. Enter your ‘E911 Address’ and click on ‘Save Changes to complete the process.  

b. Remove From Airplane Mode

Wi-Fi calling requires an internet connection. If your phone is on airplane mode, it won’t receive the wireless network connection required to facilitate a Wi-Fi call. As mentioned earlier, it could be that you mistakenly tapped the airplane icon on your phone.

First, check the airplane icon on your phone to see if it’s on. If it’s on, tap on the icon to turn off the feature. Another option is to go to Settings > Network> and turn off the airplane mode feature. If the airplane mode is off, check the other tips below to fix the issue.

c. Check The Wi-Fi Network

Most times, the problem may not be from your phone. If you’re connected to a wireless network from a router, the problem could be from the router or network. If the router isn’t getting a strong signal, you can’t make Wi-Fi calls.

 First, check to see if the router needs a software update. Update to a recent software if there’s a need for it. Also, make sure you can connect another device to the router.

Finally, reboot the router to refresh internal signals. Reboot will enable the router to search for a strong signal.

d. Restart Your Device

It could be that minor bugs or pending software are affecting the Wi-Fi functionality on your phone. A quick way to fix this is by doing an easy force restart on your phone.

For Android phone users, the force restart process differs depending on the phone brand and model. Check the phone’s manual on how to force restart the phone.

For iPhone users, press the home button and power button simultaneously for a couple of seconds to force restart the device.

e. Turn Of Battery-Saving Feature

We mentioned earlier that Wi-Fi calling saves battery life when compared to normal calls. But turning on the battery-saving feature on your phone can affect Wi-Fi signals on your phone. Turn off the battery-saving feature for the duration of your calls.

f. Turn Off and On Wi-Fi Calling

Another tip to try is to toggle on and off the Wi-Fi calling feature on your device. This helps to fix minor software configuration issues and bugs. Find the Wi-Fi calling feature via the settings option on your phone. Tap the icon to turn off the feature. Wait for a couple of seconds, and tap again to turn on the feature.

g. Check For Wi-Fi Blockers

Some objects interfere with Wi-Fi signals. These objects emit Electromagnetic waves EMF that either weaken or outrightly block signals. Examples include baby monitors (2.4 GHz), Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, aluminum foil, and metals.

If your phone isn’t receiving a strong signal to boost Wi-Fi calling. Make sure you’re not standing or sitting close to such Wi-Fi blockers.

h. Update Network Settings

Another option is to reset network settings on your phone. An error in network settings can affect your phone’s Wi-Fi calling feature. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Reset’ > ‘Reset Network Settings. It will update the network settings and delete an incorrect setting.

i. Ineligible Device

T-Mobile will be turning off its Wi-Fi features on some Smartphones from May 2021. If your Smartphone is included in the listed phones, you won’t be able to make Wi-Fi calls on your device. Here is a list of Smartphones not eligible for Wi-Fi calling on T-Mobile

j. Contact T-Mobile Customer Support

T-Mobile and other networks update their networking settings from time to time. Most times, the settings automatically reflect on your device but other times, you have to manually input the settings.

Contact the T-Mobile customer support to request a new carrier setting. They will send the information as a text message to your device.