8 Tips To Fix Total Wireless Data Not Working Issue

Total Wireless is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that offers low-cost phone service. As a Mobile Virtual Network, Total wireless uses other Company’s towers to broadcast their network signal. The brand uses Verizon’s towers to broadcast network signals to subscribers. 

Being that Verizon has a wide coverage, Total wireless subscribers do enjoy strong network signals in most locations. Despite having amazing coverage, Total Wireless subscribers do complain that their data isn’t working. 

Most times, if your Total Wireless data isn’t working, the issue may be from your end. The exception is if there is a general outage issue from the network. The network provider will update their subscribers of such outages. 

If you are experiencing a network issue on your network, this post is for you. You will learn why your Total Wireless data is not working, and also tips to fix it with ease. 

Why Is My Total Wireless Data Not Working?

 Several factors can cause your Total Wireless data to stop working. It could be that you activated the battery saver feature on your phone which is affecting your network to minimize battery usage. 

Below are some of the possible reasons why you are experiencing issues with your Total Wireless data:

a. General Outage Issue

The outage occurs when there is a temporary glitch in a network. It usually affects a particular area at a time. When there is a general outage, you can’t make or receive calls with your phone. Neither can you browse the internet with mobile data.

One way to check for a network outage is to check the signal bar on your phone. There should be at least two bars showing on the signal bar. 

If there is no signal bar, it means that there is either an outage or there is no coverage in the location. 

b. Error In APN Setting

Access Point Name (APN) is the information your phone needs to set up a connection to a wireless network. You need to input the correct APN information to enable your phone to make the connection to your carrier’s cellular network. You will have issues connecting to the internet if your Total Wireless APN setting is incorrect. 

c. Minor Glitch/ Bug

Minor Glitches or bugs on your phone or SIM card can affect your mobile data usage. This is a minor issue as basic troubleshooting tips like restarting your phone and updating the firmware will fix the issue. 

d. Airplane Mode Activated

Also, you can’t use your phone’s mobile network if your phone is on airplane mode. It could be that you mistakenly turned on the airplane mode feature on your phone. Note that you can connect to a wireless network even when your smartphone is in airplane mode. 

f. VPN

Some people activate Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to access sites with restrictions. For instance, if there is a restriction preventing visitors in your location from accessing a site, you can change your IP location with a VPN to access the site. 

Most times, browsing with a VPN slows down or interferes with the internet connection. 

Tips To Fix Total Wireless Data Not Working

a. Toggle Off Airplane Mode

Open the Airplane mode feature in your phone and make sure it is toggled off. Simply open the ‘Settings’ on your phone. Scroll down to ‘Network & Internet. Toggle the ‘Airplane Mode’ icon to turn off the feature. 

b. Disable Wi-Fi 

If your smartphone is connected to another wireless network, you can’t use the mobile data until you turn off the Wi-Fi. Go to the Network settings on your phone and toggle off the Wi-Fi (wireless network) feature. 

Also, check to ensure the Total Wireless cellular data is toggled on. 

c. Check Your Data Balance

The next option is to check your data balance. It could be that you’ve exhausted your allotted bandwidth for the month before the expiration period. If you stream videos online, download large files or engage in game streaming, you will exhaust your bandwidth soon. 

To check your Total Wireless balance, simply text ‘Balance’ to ‘611611’. Also, you can log into your Total Wireless app and click on ‘Data Usages’ to see your data usage and balance. 

d. Check APN Settings

Also, check the APN settings in your phone and make sure you have the correct settings. If the settings are not correct, reset the APN to the default setting and enter the correct information. 

Total Wireless Settings

  • APN Name: Verizon Internet
  • Proxy: Not Needed
  • Port: Not Needed
  • Username: Not Needed
  • Password: Not Needed
  • Server: Not Needed
  • MMSC: http://mms.vtext.com/servlets/mms
  • MMS Proxy: Not Needed
  • MMS Port: Not Needed
  • MCC: 311
  • MNC: 480
  • Authentication Type: Not Needed
  • APN Type: Default,dun,supl
  • APNProtocol: Not Needed
  • APN Roaming Protocol: IPv4/IPv6
  • MVNO Type: Not Needed

e. Restart Your Phone

If the issue is caused by a temporal glitch on your device, restarting your Smartphone will resolve the issue. Press and hold the power button on your phone to switch off your phone. Remove the SIM card tray. Wait for a couple of minutes. Place the SIM card tray and turn on your phone. 

This process will fix any glitch and bug on your phone and get your data working again. 

f. Turn Off VPN

It was mentioned earlier that VPN can slow down and interfere with your network. Disable the VPN app on your phone. Restart your phone and try connecting to the internet again. 

g. Update Firmware

If you’ve not updated the firmware on your phone in a while, then it’s time to update it. Running an outdated firmware can disrupt the functionality of your phone and affect your internet connection. 

For most smartphones, the firmware is set to auto-update when available. If your phone is not set to auto-update, check for the latest firmware version, download and update the software. 

To update the firmware in your phone, connect your phone to a wireless network. Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘About Phone’ > ‘Check for Updates’> ‘Update Firmware’.

h. Contact Total Wireless Customer Support

If none of the tips have worked so far, it’s time to contact Total Wireless customer support. Contact a support agent via phone at 1-866-663-3633. Or chat with their customer support on their site Here