How To Turn On Vizio TV Without The Remote Control

Losing your TV remote control was a big issue not long ago. You had to wait for some time to figure out alternative solutions. Thanks to tech, there are easy alternative ways to turn on a Vizio TV without a remote. If for any reason you lose your remote control or it goes bad, there are easy alternatives for you to turn on your TV. 

Before then, you have to try some troubleshooting methods on your remote control to see if that will solve the issue. For instance, you can check the battery compartment on your remote control to see if the batteries are wet. If the batteries are wet, that means they are bad and you need to change them. Also, you have to be sure the batteries are fixed correctly. If any of these doesn’t work out, then you can opt for any of the alternatives below. 

Ways To Turn On Your Vizio TV Without A Remote Control.

1. Use The TV Button On Your Samsung TV

One easy way to turn on your Vizio TV without a remote control is to use the buttons on the TV. Most Vizio TVs, especially the smart TVs have some buttons and that includes the POWER button. All you have to do is to press and hold the button for several seconds to turn on your TV. To turn off your TV, press and hold the button again for several seconds.

 On the other hand, if you want your TV to just sleep, simply tap the button. The location of this button on your TV varies. For some Vizio smart TVs, you can find the button at the back of the TV. For others, the button is located at bottom of the TV. 

2. Use The Vizio SmartCast App

You can download the SmartCast app on your smartphone. This app is available on your Smartphone App store. After you download the app, follow the steps below to sync with your Vizio Smart TV. 

i. Hold your Smartphone close to your TV.

ii. Launch the app and go to ‘Devices’. 

iii. Click the ‘Add’ option at the top right of the page to search for your Smart TV. 

iv. After the pairing process, press the ‘Control’ option on your app.  

v. The remote layout will appear. Press the ‘Power’ button on the app to turn on your Vizio TV.

3. Universal Remote Control

This can only work if you have synced the remote to your TV before time. Another way to go about it is to use the power button on the TV to turn on your TV. Then sync the universal remote control to your TV so you can use it subsequently. You need the Universal remote codes for Samsung TV to complete the process. 

Universal Remote Codes For Samsung TV

  • 0309
  • 0112
  • 0209
  • 0502
  • 0102
  • 0002
  • 0000
  • 0302
  • 0512
  • 0520

4. Replace the Remote Control


If none of the tips listed earlier in this article doesn’t work (unlikely), the last resort is to order a replacement remote. You can get a replacement remote for your Vizio TV for less than $10. You can check out some of the replacement remotes you can order from Amazon for your TV.


So far, we have outlined details on alternative ways to turn on your Vizio TV if your remote is bad or missing. With these tips, you can go back to enjoying your Vizio TV with no issues.