4 Ways To Fix U-verse Not Available At This Time Error

U-verse is AT$T’s Internet Protocol Television service (IPTV). In other words, it is an internet TV service that gives subscribers access to stream over 50,00 TV channels and movies.  

Besides their IPTV service, the brand is known to offer two other services which are the broadband internet known as the AT&T Fiber and the IP telephone which is the AT&T cellular.

Some of the Company’s plans come as a package. This means that you get two or more of their services as a combo in a plan. For instance, if you subscribe to their broadband internet service, you get access to their IPTV service.

As good as the U-verse service is, some subscribers do complain of getting error messages from time to time. Some subscribers complain of getting the ‘bad gateway’ error.

One of the common error messages users complain of getting is the U-verse not available at this time error. If you are getting the error message, no need to panic. This post will outline why you are getting the error message and some steps you can take to resolve the issue.

Why You Are Getting The U-verse Not Available At This Time Error Message

Several factors can cause you to get the availability error message on U-verse. But below are some of the comes reasons you are getting the error message:

a. Not Available

It could be that the U-verse network is not available in your area. It is rare, being that U-verse has wide coverage in over 48 states. But it may be that the network is temporarily not available in your location.

b. Troubleshooting Error

Another issue could be a troubleshooting error that affects the configuration. It disrupts the connection to the servers. Trust me, it’s not as serious as it sounds. It’s something you can easily troubleshoot.

How To Fix U-verse Not Available At This Time Error

a. Check For Availability

Before you try any troubleshooting process, you have to confirm that the U-verse network is available in your area or residential building. To check U-verse availability in your area, visit the AT$T availability Map HERE. Enter your address and click on ‘Check availability’.

After you confirm that the U-verse network is available in your location and you are still getting the error message, try any of the troubleshooting tips below.

b. Check For Loose Cable

Some people jump straight to reset their devices. I think it is advisable to check for loose and cut cable first before that. Over time, the cables and connectors on your device will get loose or cut. Take the time to check the cables on your receiver to ensure none of the cables is loose or cut.

If you have a loose cable, tighten it. If the cable is damaged or cut, get a new cable.

c. Restart U-verse System

The rebooting process will fix minor glitches on your device. Thankfully, the restart process does affect any data saved on your device. To restart your U-verse, press and hold the ‘Power’ button on the device for 15 seconds. Release the button. Press the button the second time to reboot the device. Wait for the device to reboot. The rebooting process can take up to 10 minutes. After the reboot, try accessing your programs again.

Also restart the Wi-Fi gateway by unplugging the power cord connected to it. Wait for a couple of minutes. Plug back the cord to restart.

d. Contact U-verse Tech Support

If you have tried to resolve the issue using the tips shared in this post and the issue persists, it’s time to call in the big dogs. Reach out to U-verse tech support. You can contact their U-verse support rep via mobile on 1-800-288-2020. Or visit their site and click on ‘Sign In’ to get personalized help.


If you are experiencing the U-verse not available error, it could be that the network is not available or you need to troubleshoot your devices. This article has outlined the steps you can take to fix the issue in no time.