6 Tips To Fix The Verizon Dropping Calls Issue

Verizon is one of the top network operators out there. They provide customers/users with various service options and packages. You even have the option to create a custom package on Verizon as a customer. Note that custom packages may attract a higher rate than normal service pages.

Lately, a few people have complained that their phone conversion has been cut off mid-way while making calls on their Verizon line. If you’ve tried making calls on your Verizon line and the call continues to drop mid-talk?

No need to panic. In this post, you will learn several reasons why your Verizon calls are dropping and possible ways to fix the issue effectively.

4 Reasons Why Is My Verizon Dropping Calls?

A Dropped call happens when your cell phone gets disconnected from the network. There are several reasons why your Verizon calls keep dropping mid-call. Unlike what most think, call dropping is not caused by poor coverage from the network provider. These are some of the common reasons why you’re experiencing this:

a. Old Mobile Phones

If you’re using an older phone model, you may experience your call dropping mid-way. This is because older phones have aged technology and may not receive network tower signals as good as newer phone models. Also, if your phone is damaged or poorly maintained, it can affect its functionality. For instance, if your phone has water damage or a damaged antenna and has not been repaired.

b. Faulty Phone

if you’re using a newer model Verizon phone with fault, you will have issues making calls with it. It could be that the phone has a wiring issue or issues with the jacks. The option is to request for a repair service from Verizon.

C. Distance From Verizon Tower

Cellular signals are transmitted via radio frequency waves. Thus, if you are far away from the nearest cell tower, you will only get a weak signal, and this will affect your calls. 

d. Network Outage In The Area

Another reason why your Verizon call keeps dropping could be as a result of network outage in the area. It could be that you’re in a location outside with a network outage. That is, an area with poor service coverage. Your phone won’t receive a strong network signal and it will cause your calls to drop mid-way.

You can resolve this by moving to an area with a strong Verizon network coverage. Check this Verizon’s coverage map for the nearest service area in your location.

e. Signal Blockers

Finally, there are some materials or locations that block Radio Frequency signals from getting to your cell phone. For instance, if you are in a tall building, tunnel, hills, or an area with mountains.

Also, heavily wooded areas will have issues with signals. This is because trees are known to weaken signals. It can interfere and block the signal entering your mobile phone from the Verizon tower signal.

4 Tips To Fix The Verizon Dropping Calls Issue

a. Upgrade Your Device

If you’re using a very old cell phone model, you can upgrade to a newer phone with new technology. These days, you have the option to upgrade your cell and pay small monthly installments for a period.

b. Restart Your Cell Phone

If there is a fluctuation in network signal, restarting your cell phone can fix the issue. It could be that your phone is hanging and interrupting network signals. Simply turn off your cell phone, wait for a minute or two and turn it back on. This will fix the issue most times. If not, try the other tips below to fix the issue.

c. Check Your SIM Places

Check your phone’s SIM compartment and make sure it is placed currently. Take out the SIM card tray. Remove the SIM card, and replace. Turn on your phone and wait for a couple of seconds for your phone to read the SIM. When you remove the SIM card, check for damages. If the SIM card is chipped, bent, or broken, it will affect the network signals in the cell phone. 

d. Change Your Location

An option is to change your location. If you’re in a location with poor signal, use the Verizon coverage map to find the areas with strong signals in your location. Also, taking your phone to another location or room in your house can improve network signal. You may need to step outside to increase network signal. 

e. Check The Other Person’s End

If your call drops only when you call a particular number, it could be that the issue is from the other person’s end. The person should check for network coverage in the area.

f. Update Towers On Your Verizon Phone

If you’re using a Verizon 4G cell phone, it automatically updates to the nearest Verizon tower when you change location. In some instances, the automatic update process can fail and you need to manually update the towers. If you’re using a 3G mobile device, it is advisable you update the towers every three months. Check this tutorial on how to update Verizon Towers on your device.

g. Switch To Wi-Fi Calls

If you’re using a newer phone model, you can switch to WiFi calling and texting.  This serves as a perfect substitute if you’re in a location with network outage.

h. Contact Verizon Customer Service

If you’ve tried the tips above and you’re still experiencing the issue, the last option is to contact Verizon’s customer service. Call Verizon’s customer support on 1-877-596-7577 or visit their website.


Dealing with a call dropping issue is a two-way issue. It could be from your end or from the other person’s end. Possible tips to fix the issue from your end have been outlined in this post.