Why Does My Verizon Phone Keep Switching To 3G?

The 4G LTE network is better and faster than the 3G network. The download speed of the 4G LTE network is at least 10 times faster than that of the 3G network. Little wonder most network carriers have long upgraded to the 4G LTE and 5G networks.  

Verizon is one of the top network carriers with a stable 4G LTE network. But some Verizon users still complain that their phones tend to switch back to the 3G network. Most times, it is usually a temporary issue and can revert with time.

If your Verizon phone keeps switching to 3G from 4G LTE, this post is for you. You will learn why your Verizon phone keeps switching to 3G and tips to stop your phone from switching to 3G.

Why Does My Verizon Phone Keep Switching To 3G?

a. Phone Network Mode

The phone network mode determines the network in use in a phone at a moment. For most smartphones, the network modes available are GSM/UMTS, LTE/CDMA, and Global. If your phone network mode is in the wrong setting, it will affect the availability of 4G network on the phone. The network mode for 4G networks is the LTE/CDMA. You will find how to set your phone to LTE/CDMA in the latter part of this post.

b. No 4G Network In The Area

Another reason your phone keeps switching back to 3G is that there is no 4G network in the area. When you are in a location with no 4G coverage, your phone will automatically switch to a lower network which is 3G or even 2G in some instances. When you get back to a location with 4G coverage, it will automatically revert from 3G to 4G LTE.

c. EMF Blocker

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) weakens network signals. When the 4G network signal is weak, your phone will automatically revert to the 3G network. Some objects that emit EMF include cell phones, microwave ovens, power lines, washing machines, thick walls, and low-consumption light bulbs.

d. Phone Problem

Finally, your phone switching to the 3G network could be an indication the phone is faulty.

How To Stop Verizon Phone From Switching To 3G

a. Set Phone Network Mode

The first step is to check to ensure your phone is on the correct network mode to access the 4G LTE network. Follow the steps below to complete the process.

. Tap on the ‘App’ icon on your phone’s home screen.

. Tap on ‘Settings’.

. Click on ‘Mobile Networks’.

. Tap on ‘Network Mode’.

. Tap LTE/ CDMA.

b. Check 4G Network In The Area

Make sure that there is Verizon 4G LTE network coverage in the location. There are several ways to check if there is Verizon 4G LTE network coverage in your location. The first option is to check the signal and service indicator for the 4G sign.

The second option is to go to Verizon Network Maps Page. Scroll down the page to ‘Coverage Map’. From the ‘Search Coverage Map’ option, enter your location zip code or address, city, and State. If your current location is outside the 4G coverage, change location and check for the 4G LTE network.

c. Remove EMF Blocker

We mentioned earlier that objects that emit EMF can weaken 4G network signals. Check your house for any of such objects. If you have any EMF object in a room, take your Verizon phone to another room and check for the 4G network again.

d. Contact Verizon For Phone Repairs

If any of the options mentioned earlier have not been of help, then it means your phone is at fault. First, check the firmware update on your phone. Make sure all software is up-to-date.

If the problem persists, you have to take your phone for repairs. Visit the nearest Verizon phone repair shop and register the phone for repairs. A certified technician will access the phone to determine the issue. You may be eligible for a new phone if the phone is still under warranty.


Whenever the 4G or 5G network signal coming to your phone isn’t strong, your phone will automatically switch to a 3G network. If the issue is that you are in a location with a weak or no 4G network signal, your phone will switch to a 3G network. It will revert to 4G after you leave the location. There are other possible reasons your phone will switch to 3G. The solution to fix the issues has been outlined in detail in this post.