5 Ways To Fix The Verizon Server Unreachable Error?

Several factors make Verizon the largest wireless carrier in the United States with over 121 million subscribers. One of them being that they provide a strong, safe, and secure network. Also, they have network towers in countries located in different states. This means that subscribers are confident to get connectivity even when they travel to different locations in the country.

If you’re getting the server unreachable error message on your Verizon device, this post is for you. This post covers why you’re getting the error messages and troubleshooting tips you can try to fix the issue.

What Does It Mean Server Unreachable?

If you’re getting the ‘Server Unreachable’ error message on your mobile phone or device, it means that your device can’t connect to the server. In other words, your mobile phone or device has lost connection to the carrier’s network. With this error, you can’t make calls or access the internet with your device. It can be frustrating especially if you have an important call to make.

Why Is My Verizon Phone Saying Server Unreachable?

Like mentioned earlier, the server unreachable message means your device has lost connection with your carrier’s network. Several issues can cause your mobile phone or device to lose connectivity with the network server. Below are some of the possible issues.

a. Weak or No Signal

It could be that you’re in an area with weak Verizon network signals. Also, it could be that there’s a strong network signal in the area but there are items that block or weaken signals.

For instance, if you’re in an area with tall tall buildings, or tall trees, you will have issues getting strong network signals. It could also be that there are Electromagnetic (EM) objects blocking the network signal. Network signals are transmitted via radio frequency (RF), and EM objects weaken or outrightly block the signals.

b. SIM Card Issue

Another reason why you’re getting the error message could be that the SIM card isn’t inserted properly in the device. It could also be that the SIM shifted.

c. Phone Issue

The problem could also be from your mobile phone or device. It might be that your phone is in airplane mode. Also, there are software updates you need to do periodically. Failure to do that will affect the phone’s functionality.

d. Phone Not Connect To The Internet

Also, if you fail to turn on the data settings on your phone, you might get an unreachable error message when you try to connect to the internet.

e. Technical Issues With Server

Finally, it could be that there is an issue with the network provider’s server. It could also be that the area has a network outage. This is unlikely because Verizon has countless network towers that make their network signals available in different locations.

5 Ways To Fix The Verizon Server Unreachable Error?

a. Check For Network Signal

First, check to ensure your phone or device is not in airplane mode. If the phone is on an airplane, tap the ‘Airplane’ icon to remove it from airplane mode. Make sure the data setting on your phone is on.

Also, check the signal bar on your phone or device to see the strength of the Verizon network signal. The bar indicates when the network signal is low, weak, and strong. If it’s showing just one or two bars or dots, it means the Verizon signal in your current location is weak. If the signal bar is showing a strong signal and you’re still getting the error message, check the other tips below.

b. Reboot Your Phone

The next option is to restart your phone. Restarting your phone will reset the networking components on your device and reconnect to the network server. After you restart your phone, dial #832 to confirm the signal strength on your phone. The code helps you confirm that your phone has the strong signal required to place and receive calls.

c. Check The SIM Card Placement

Open the SIM card tray in your phone, bring out the SIM card and check for the SIM Card placement. Also, check if the SIM is bent, or broken. The SIM is quite sensitive and can stop working when there is a minor damage on it. Especially on the chip. Insert the Verizon SIM card in another phone, or insert another SIM card in the Verizon phone to see if either of them works. When you replace the SIM card, make sure you insert it properly.

d. Check For Software Update On Your Phone

Check to see if there are available software updates on your phone and update. Also, check the network settings on your phone. On most phones, the setting is always on auto-selection by the network. This can affect the network signals in your phone if it is set to manual selection. Check the network settings and make sure it is set to its default which is automatic update.  

e. Contact Verizon Customer Service

If you’ve tried the tips here and you’re still getting the error message, the final option is to contact Verizon customer service. You can contact them via this customer service number 1-877-596-7577 or via their website.