Vizio Soundbar Firmware Update Step-To-Step Guide

Firmware is the software that powers electronic devices like Computers, phones, smart TV, soundbars, and similar gadgets. It is an essential part of a device’s hardware functionality. From time to time, product manufacturers update product Firmware to include better features and specifications. That is why there is a need to update the firmware on your device regularly.

For most devices, the firmware updates automatically as long as your device is connected to wireless internet. But for other devices, you are required to check for available firmware updates and manually download and update the firmware.

Vizio releases firmware updates for their soundbar once in a while. There is a need to update your Vizio Soundbar Firmware regularly. In this post, you will learn how to check for recent Vizio Soundbar Firmware. Also, you will learn how to manually update your Vizio soundbar firmware.

Why Do You Need To Update The Firmware On Your Vizio Soundbar?

These are some of the reasons why you need to check for and update your Vizio soundbar firmware regularly:

. It enables you to explore new and better features added to your Soundbar and enhance your user experience.

. It optimizes your device drivers and enhances the performance of its processor.

. Firmware updates help to fix bugs and save you the money needed for expensive repairs.

. Firmware updates prevent your device from becoming obsolete by including more functionality and features that come with new firmware updates.

How To Check Vizio Soundbar Firmware Version?

There are two ways to check the firmware version on your Vizio Soundbar.

Option 1:

. Open the SmartCast Mobile App.

. Tap on the ‘Setting’ icon on the app page.

. Further tap on the ‘System’ option and ‘System Information’.

. If there is a recent firmware update available, you will see the firmware version, and the option to download and update.

Option 2:

Use this option if you have not set up your Soundbar. Let’s assume you’ve not paired your Vizio soundbar to the SmartCast App. Follow the option below to check the firmware version.

. Press and hold the Vol+ and Vol- buttons on your Soundbar simultaneously.

. Continue to hold down the button until the tiny LED light on your soundbar shows the version or it will speak the version detail.

How To Check Vizio Soundbar Firmware On Vizio Site?

You can check from the Vizio website. It is the easiest way to check for and download firmware. Follow the steps below to check for available firmware:

. Visit the Vizio website Here.

. Click on ‘Find Your Firmware’.

. Enter your Vizio soundbar Serial Number on the search bar and click on ‘Get Firmware Date’. Check under your soundbar to find the serial number.

How To Update Vizio Soundbar Firmware?

The steps here are a continuation of checking for updates.

. On the page where you check for available updates, there is an option to download. Click on ‘Download’ to get the latest firmware version.

. Save the file to a USB drive.

. Press the power button on your soundbar to power it.

. Disconnect the ‘Power Cord’ on the soundbar while it’s powered.

. Connect the USB drive to the USB port on your soundbar and reconnect the power cord.

. After you reconnect the power cord, the two Tiny LED lights in front of your soundbar will turn on.

. Seconds later, the first, third, and fourth lights will turn on. This is an indication that the firmware update is in progress.

. When the update is complete, the LED lights will turn off. Remove the USB drive after the LED lights turn off.

Note: Don’t unplug the USB drive when the update is in progress