Does Vizio TV Have Bluetooth?

These days, most Smart TVs come with cool features that maximize the user’s experience. One of such features is Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth feature allows you to connect your cell phone and other wireless devices like headsets, MP3 players to your TV. For instance, you can connect your smartphone to your TV using Bluetooth, download the remote app and use it on your TV.

If, like most people, you want to know if Vizio TV has Bluetooth, the short answer is Yes, most Vizio TVs have Bluetooth. Read on to find out the type of Bluetooth that comes with Vizio TV, how to turn on the Bluetooth on your Vizio TV and many more.

Does Vizio TV Have Bluetooth?

Yes, Vizio smart TVs have Bluetooth. You can easily connect your Bluetooth device wirelessly to your TV. Note that the Vizio TV doesn’t support all Bluetooth devices. It only supports Bluetooth LE devices which is a low-energy Bluetooth that supports basic devices. That includes your smartphones, tablets and iPad.

The Bluetooth LE and regular Bluetooth use the same amount of radiofrequency. Power consumption is the main difference between both Bluetooth types. The Bluetooth LE uses reduced power consumption than the regular Bluetooth while maintaining the same communication range.

To connect to high-energy Bluetooth devices like a soundbar, Bluetooth speaker, home theatre, you need to use the Audio out ports on your Vizio TV. You can’t connect these with the Bluetooth feature on your TV. Rather, use the 3.5mm AUX jack to connect the Bluetooth device to your TV.

How Do I Know My Vizio TV Has Bluetooth?

If you currently have a Vizio TV and you are wondering if the TV has Bluetooth feature, there are several ways to find out.

a. Check The TV Manual

One sure way to know if your TV has the Bluetooth feature is to check the TV manual. The manual also specifies the type of Bluetooth that your TV supports and every other information on your TV.  If you’ve lost your TV manual, follow the other methods below to check.

b. Check Your TV

Another option is to check your TV. If you have a regular Smart TV, press the ‘Home button’ on your remote> Select ‘Settings’ from the menu options> Select ‘Product Support or System Setting’ option> Select ‘System information or Customer Support’.

For Android TV press the ‘Help button’ on your remote> Select ‘Troubleshooting and System Information or Status and Diagnostics> Select ‘System Information’ to get the details.

c. Check The Internet

You can visit your TV brand’s website, enter your TV’s model to find out the features of the model. Also, you can type in the TV brand’s model on Google to get information on its features from popular tech sites.

How To Turn On Bluetooth On Vizio TV?

If your Vizio TV has built-in Bluetooth, follow these steps to turn on the Bluetooth in your TV.

. Press the ‘Home button’ on your Vizio TV remote to show the menu option.

. Go to ‘Settings’ from the menu and select ‘Network & Accessories’ option.

. Find and select ‘Bluetooth Settings’. Choose the ‘On’ option to turn on the Bluetooth

Pair A Bluetooth LE Device To Your Vizio TV

Examples of Bluetooth LE devices include your Smartphone, iPad, MP3, and mobile Tablets. If you want to pair a Bluetooth LE device to your Vizio TV, follow the steps below.

. Visit the app store and download the ‘Vizio Smartcast’ app.

. After you download the app, you need to create an account. If you intend to use the app just once, ‘skip’ the account creation process to use the app as a guest.

. Check the button on the home page and tap on ‘Choose a Device to Control’ option. Tap on ‘Add Device’ and follow the instruction to add your Vizio TV.

. Once you complete the pairing process, you can use your Smartphone as a remote control or game controller.

Pair A Bluetooth Soundbar to Vizio TV

The Bluetooth soundbar doesn’t fall under the Bluetooth LE device supported by Vizio TV. The process of connecting the Bluetooth soundbar or any other high-energy Bluetooth device is slightly different. If your Vizio TV’s audio port is white and red, and the soundbar has an auxiliart port, use a 3.5 mm to RCA cable to pair the soundbar to your TV.

If the Bluetooth soundbar and your Vizio TV have similar ports, you can connect the device to your TV using the audio port.

Connect Bluetooth Headphones (AirPods) to Vizio Smart TV.

A Bluetooth headphone is one of the devices you can connect to your Vizio Smart TV via Bluetooth. Follow the steps below to complete the process.

. Ensure your Bluetooth headphone is within 30 feet range of your Vizio Smart TV.

. Press and hold the Bluetooth button on your headphone to turn on the Bluetooth and initiate pairing mode.

. Press the ‘Settings’ option on your Vizio TV remote.

. From the menu, find the ‘Sound Output’ option.

. On the Speaker menu list, you will see a list of wireless devices within range. Find your headphone’s Bluetooth name. Click on Pair and Connect to complete the process.

Alternative To Built-in Bluetooth on Vizio TV

If your Vizio Smart TV doesn’t have a built-in Bluetooth, you have the option of using a Bluetooth Audio Adapter as an alternative.

These are some options to choose from on Amazon. 

a. Avantree Oasis Bluetooth 5.0

b. 1Mii B06TX Bluetooth Transmitter