Vizio TV Warranty: How To File For Claim

A warranty is a guarantee issued by a product manufacturer to a buyer with a promise to replace or repair the product defect. It is usually valid for a specified period. A warranty comes with terms and conditions that can void or validate the warranty even if it’s within the specified period.

Vizio is a US-based Company known for producing quality soundbar systems and TVs. The Company is known to make quality, yet affordable products. But just like other quality products, some Vizio TVs do have defects and malfunctions.

For instance, some users have complained that they’ve experienced cracks, sound issues, unresponsiveness, and other malfunctions when using their Vizio TVs.

If you’ve noticed a defect on your Vizio TV and want to know how the Vizio TV warranty works, then this post is for you. In this post, you will understand what is covered in the Vizio TV warranty terms, how long the Vizio warranty lasts, how to know if your Vizio TV is still under warranty, and other details.

What Does The Vizio TV Warranty Cover?

The Vizio TV warranty covers against product defects in materials and workmanship as long as the product is used by Vizio’s manual and user guides. The warranty covers just new products. In other words, if you purchase a used Vizio TV, the warranty doesn’t apply to your product.

Also, the Vizio TV must be purchased from an authorized retailer in the United States or Canada and the product must currently be in the country of purchase when the warranty is filed.

What Does The Vizio Warranty Exclude?

There is a limit to what the Vizio warranty covers. For instance, the warranty doesn’t cover any defect or malfunction that didn’t occur due to the manufacturer’s fault. That includes defects caused by:

. Improper handling of the product

. Product misuse or abuse

. A power surge or Improper voltage use

. Cosmetic damage on the product including scratch

. Faulty components caused by wear and tear.

. Modifications or unauthorized repairs or alterations of the product

. Products without serial numbers

. Damaged that occurred during shipping

. Products sold as clearance or factory recertified

. Product purchased from an unauthorized dealer

How Long Does Vizio Warranty Last?

All Vizio TVs come with a 90-day warranty for products used commercially and a one-year warranty for products used non-commercially. The date starts counting from the date the item was originally purchased.

How Do I Find Out If My Vizio TV Is Under Warranty?

There are several ways to find out if your Vizio TV is still under warranty. Follow either of the steps below to check if your product is still under warranty.

a. The first option is to calculate the date of the original purchase from the current date to know if it’s within the warranty period.

b. Check the zero bright pixel guarantee in the product box. Not all products qualify for this. Visit the Vizio site to check if your product qualifies for the zero bright pixel defect warranty.

c. Finally, contact Vizio’s customer support team via telephone or email for the customer support officer to help you check. The customer support officer may ask for your product serial number, so keep it handy before you reach out.

How To File A Vizio TV Warranty Claim?

There is no need to engage the services of a lawyer because you can file the warranty claim yourself. There are two ways to file a Vizio TV warranty claim.

a. Claim Vizio TV Warranty Via Email

One way to file a claim for a Vizio TV warranty is to send an email to In your email, explain the defect or malfunction you’re experiencing with your TV. Include your product serial number in the email. Also, attach a copy of your purchase receipt with the email.

A Vizio technical support agent will contact you within 24 hours of sending the email with further instructions on the next steps to take.

b. Claim Vizio TV Warranty Via Phone Call

The second option is to call the Vizio technical support number to file a warranty claim over the phone. Call either of the numbers (855) 209-4106 or (855) 833-3221 or (877) 698-4946. Explain the issue with your TV in detail to the technical support representative. Also, inform the representative that you want to claim a warranty for the defect. You will be given further instruction on the next steps to take.

Vizio Technical Support Hours

For fast feedback and result, it is advisable to reach out to Vizio technical support at the right time. This is the breakdown of the Vizio technical support hours.

Monday – Friday: 5:00AM to 9:00PM

Saturday – Sunday: 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM Pacific Time.

What Happens After You File A Vizio TV Warranty Claim?

After you file a warranty claim for a Vizio TV, Vizio Company will check to determine if your product is covered by its warranty. After its determination, Vizio will opt to either repair, replace the product, or refund the purchase price. If the Company opts to repair the product, you won’t be charged for the labor or replaced component during the warranty period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Repair My Vizio TV?

If your Vizio TV is still under warranty, it is advisable not to repair it. The best option is to contact the Vizio technical support team to file a Warranty claim. As long as the product is within the warranty period and you purchased from an unauthorized dealer.