What Do You Meme Game Rules

The ‘What do you Meme Game’ is a fun party came, created by Eliot Rebels and Ben Keplan in 2016. This fun game sure to be accompanied by laughs became the ninth best-selling card game on Amazon, in the next year. It takes between 30 to 90 minutes to complete a round of this game. And it is mostly recommended for adults from 18 years and above.

The objective of the game

The aim is simple and straightforward. A player is to make the best memes with the provided captions available to match a photo. Whatever the meme you make, you have to ensure that it hits the comedy gauge of the judge at the time.

Number of players

Participants must be a minimum of three, allowing for a free role of a judge, thus keeping the game impartial. The numbers can be increased, after all, the more the merrier. But for the game to remain unhampered, two decks may need to be used, depending on the number of players.

Equipment for the game

The main equipment needed for what do you meme game is a deck of What the meme cards. A deck is divided into two portions; photo cards which number 75 and 360 caption cards, which leaves a total of 435 cards. Bonus rules are also a part of this setup. There are also different brands or themes of these decks, numbering up to eight at least. Other items required to play this game includes, a Rulebook and Easel.

Setting up the game

With only cards to deal with, indoors and outdoors is not a limitation for plays. As long as a comfortable spot is chosen to allow for a relaxing game experience by all the participants.

Rules/How to play

The game luckily doesn’t have complicated rules to grapple with. A judge must be chosen based on any criteria set between the players. Before the game commences, he must share the cards into their respective portions; caption and photo cards. After they’re shuffled, seven caption cards will be shared with the remaining participants, now the game has commenced. Select a photo card at random for them to pair with their best caption card. Whoever is adjudged to have the best caption, keeps the photo card while the caption cards played are shuffled back into the pile. The winner becomes the judge in the next turn allowing for equal participation and fair play. Depending on how many rounds were fixed, the one with the most photo cards wins the game.

Winning the game

Getting the most photo cards is what will guarantee a win at the end of the play. Memes are not just made based on what you may feel is funny, but it must be able to meet the comedic requirements of the judge per time. What you may find funny, may not be able to even bring a smile out of the judge. Since your choices are limited, creativity and mental thinking will be brought to the test in this game. So stay sharp and don’t keep your sense of humor as deep as possible.