Ways To Fix ‘The Wireless Customer You Are Calling Is Not Available’ Issue

Mobile phones have made it possible to keep in touch with the important people in our lives in real-time. Now, more than ever, you can simply reach out to someone regardless of location with just the dial of numbers.

It is quite comforting to know that your loved ones, friends, colleagues are just a dial away. Little wonder you get to panic when you dial someone and you get several unavailable messages.

If you’ve tried calling someone and you get ‘ wireless customer you are calling is not available’ voice message, no need to panic. There are several reasons why you may be getting this message. But one thing is clear, the issue is always from the other end, and not your end.

Read through this post to know why you keep hearing this error message when you call someone, and some things you can do to help the person resolve the issue.

Why Are You Getting ‘The Wireless Customer You Are Calling Is Not Available’ Message?

Several reasons can cause you to get this error message when you try calling a number. Below are some of the reasons.

a. Phone Is Off

More times than not, it could be that the phone is off. It could be that the person you’re trying to call forgot to charge his or her phone. The phone will turn off if there is no battery life to power the phone. Another reason could be that the person intentionally turned off their phone because they don’t want to be reached.

b. Phone Battery Dislodged

Another reason you’re getting the error message may be that the phone battery dislodged from the phone without the person’s knowledge. Most recent phones have built-in batteries, so unless the person is using an old phone model with a removable battery, that won’t be the case. But if it’s an old phone model and the battery is dislodged from the phone, you will get the error message when you call the number.

c. You’ve Been Blocked

If someone doesn’t want you to reach them, they can block your number from calling their line. If you try dialing the number after you’ve been blocked, you will get the not available error message.

Don’t jump to a conclusion yet that the person blocked your number on purpose. It could be that the person accidentally blocked your number.

One way to know if your number has been blocked is that you won’t be able to leave them a message.

Note that there are instances where you will receive the error message even when the person doesn’t block your line. In that instance, the person has to reach out to the customer service line of the carrier to sort out the issue.

d. Network Coverage Issue

Finally, you will get this message if the person you’re trying to call is in an area with no network coverage. For instance, it could be that the person went hiking in an area with no network coverage. The network coverage issue can happen in suburban areas too. So, until the person returns to a location with a strong signal, you can’t reach the person.

Ways To Fix ‘The Wireless Customer You Are Calling Is Not Available’ Message?

The truth is that there is little or nothing you can do from your end when you get this error message. Below are some handy tips to resolve the issue.

a. Reach Out Via Another Means

You can try reaching out to the person via another means. Send the person an email or try reaching out via other online platforms. The person may be using a router or Wifi from another carrier to access the internet.

b. Reach Out Via A Third Party

Try reaching out to a third party close to the person to either call the person’s number or pay a visit. This means in handy especially if the person blocked your line.

c. Unblock The Number

In a situation where the person blocked your line unintentionally, you can reach out and ask the person to unblock your line. The person should follow the steps below to remove your number from their blocked contact.

Unblock Number On Android Phone

Tap on the ‘Phone icon’ > Tap on the ‘Contacts icon’ below the screen > Tap on ‘More’ and > ‘Settings’> ‘Block Numbers’. Scroll through the list of blocked numbers, tap on the number you want to unblock > Tap the ‘Minus’ sign beside the number to unblock the number.

Unblock Number On iPhone Phone

Tap on <Settings> on your phone’s home screen > find the <Phone> icon and choose <Call Blocking & Identification > Tap the <Edit>. Find the number you want to unblock and tap the <Minus> icon to unblock the number.  

d. Contact Customer Service

If you’re getting the error message when your number isn’t blocked. If the person isn’t in an area with a network coverage issue, then the person has to contact the carrier’s customer service to resolve the issue. The customer support person should be able to work through steps to resolve the issue.


Getting the error message doesn’t automatically mean that the person has blocked your line. It could be that the person is in an area with no network coverage or other reasons. Whichever one, this post has outlined some possible steps the person on the other end can take to resolve the issue.