Wow Equipment Return: How To Return Wow Equipment

WOW is an Internet Service Provider that also offers phone and TV services. As a new subscriber, WOW ships some equipment to you via mail. Unless you outrightly paid for the equipment which is usually an expensive option, the equipment is sent to you on lease.

As long as you continue to maintain your subscription with WOW, you are allowed to keep the equipment for a small monthly fee. When you decide to cancel your WOW subscription or service, you are expected to return the WOW equipment.

This post explains the process of returning WOW equipment. You will understand how and where to return your WOW equipment. You will also know what happens when you fail to return your WOW equipment and many other details.

When Do You Need To Return Wow Equipment?

You have to return your WOW equipment in the following instances:

a. Defect On New Equipment

If the new WOW equipment shipped to you is broken or damaged, you can return the equipment to WOW. WOW can either undertake the cost of repairs or send a replacement. For a defective product, you must return the equipment within 30 days of the date of purchase for repairs or exchange.

b. When You Cancel Your Subscription

If you decide to cancel your WOW subscription, you have to return the equipment sent to you when you subscribed for the service.

c. When You Move To A Location Without WOW Coverage

WOW, coverage is available in nine states and 20 locations. The list of locations with Wow coverage is listed below. If you move to a location without the WOW coverage, you are to return the equipment.

How To Return WOW Equipment

a. Cancel Your Subscription

The first step is to cancel your WOW subscription. Contact WOW customer support on 1-877-668-3969 to disconnect your service. After that, factory reset the equipment you want to return to clear your saved data.

b. Prepare The WOW Equipment For Shipping

Disconnect the connectors, wires, and cables attached to the equipment. Pack the equipment in a shipping box. Remember to include all the accessories attached to the equipment in the shipping box. Also, use a Bubble wrap (Buy on Amazon) to add an extra layer of protection to the equipment.

c. Drop Off Equipment To Nearest Location

Finally, visit any WOW location near you to drop the equipment using an equipment dropbox.

What Equipment Do I Need To Return To WOW?

  • Cable box
  • Modem
  • Router
  • Cable cards

How Long Do You Have To Return WOW Equipment?

The time you have to return your WOW equipment depends on the circumstance. For a new Wow equipment with defects, you have to return it within 30 days from the day of purchase for exchange or refunds. For cancellation, you have to return the equipment no later than 14 days from the day you cancel your service.

What Happens If You Don’t Return WOW Equipment?

If you fail to return WOW equipment after you cancel your service, it is considered a breach of contract. The penalty is an amount equivalent to the cost of replacing the equipment you failed to return.

WOW Equipment Return Locations

State Locations
Alabama   Auburn Dothan Huntsville Montgomery Valley  
Florida   Panama city Pinellas  
Georgia   Augusta Columbus Fort Gordon Newnan  
Illinois   Chicago Chicagoland  
Indiana   Evansville Michigan Detroit Mid-Michigan  
Michigan Detroit Mid-Michigan  
Ohio   Cleveland Columbus  
South Carolina Charleston  
Tennessee   Knoxville  

Wow Cable Drop Off Locations Near Me

State Locations
Alabama   770 N Eastern Blvd, Montgomery, AL 36117  
Florida   3001 Gandy Blvd N: Pinellas Park, FL 33782  
Georgia   3714 Wheeler RD, Augusta, GA 30909  
Illinois   825 E 99th St, Chicago, IL 60628  
Indiana   6600 Hank Ave, Evansville, IN 47715  
Michigan 26035 Northline RD, Taylor MI 48180  
Ohio   26035 Northline RD, Taylor MI 48180  
South Carolina 4506 Dorchester RD, North Charleston SC 29405  
Tennessee   Knoxville