Xfinity Equipment Return: What Equipment To Return To Comcast

Xfinity is a Cable TV and Internet Service Provider in the United States. They have other services such as home phone, mobile, and home security products.

The thing about Xfinity services is that two or more services are offered as a bundle. For instance, when you subscribe to the Xfinity Cable TV service, you, in turn, subscribe to their High-speed internet.

When you sign up for any Xfinity service as a new subscriber, you get equipment. The equipment includes a modem, router, remote control, TV controller, modem, or TV box, depending on which of the services you sign up for. The equipment is shipped to you and in most cases, a technician is sent to handle the installation.

What most people don’t know is that the equipment is sent to you on lease as you sign up for any Xfinity service. You are expected to return the equipment at the expiration of your contract or when you cancel the service.

If you want to know how the Xfinity Equipment Return policy works, this post is for you. At the end of this post, you will understand how, when, and where to return your Xfinity equipment. You will also find out what happens when you don’t return your Xfinity equipment and how to avoid late return fees.

How Xfinity Equipment Return Policy Works.  

Xfinity has an equipment return policy that allows a customer to return damaged or unused equipment. The policy also covers equipment return for cancellation.

For instance, if there is a defect on the equipment shipped, or you want to upgrade your current plan, you can ship back the equipment to Xfinity.

If you received damaged Xfinity equipment or want to return you can return it within 14 days from the date of delivery. Xfinity will ship a new Xfinity device to your shipping address. Note that you must activate the device before returning.

For Xfinity accessories, you can return within 30 days from the date of delivery or day of purchase from the store.

When Do You Need To Return Xfinity Equipment?

Several instances require you to return Xfinity equipment shipped to you. They include:

a. When There Is A Defect

When you notice damage or defect on a new Xfinity product, you are required to return the equipment within 14 days. Simply take the equipment to the nearest Xfinity store near you. Xfinity will ship new equipment to replace the damaged one.

b. When You Cancel Your Service

You receive Xfinity equipment based on the lease when you sign up. When you cancel the service or you refuse to renew at the expiration of the service, you need to return the equipment.

c. Upgrade Your Plan

Some of the current equipment you have will not be needed when you upgrade your plan. You need to ship back the old equipment and request new ones to match your upgrade.

d. When you Downgrade Your Plan

Similar to upgrading, when you downgrade your plan, some of your current equipment will no longer serve. You need to ship back the old equipment and request new ones to match your downgrade.

How Xfinity Cancel Service Works

When you sign up for the Xfinity service part of the contract your signed is the lease terms contract. Xfinity leases their equipment to you as long as you maintain the contract with them.

When you cancel your Xfinity service, you are required to send back the equipment shipped to you when you signed up for the service. It also applies when your Xfinity contract expires and you don’t intend to renew the contract.

You have 10 days from the day you canceled your Xfinity subscription to return the equipment.

 In other words, Xfinity owns the equipment and they expect to get them back at the expiration of your contract. The equipment includes the modem, TV box, Controller, cables, and other equipment you received when you first signed up.  

It’s your responsibility to return the equipment to the Xfinity office at the expiration or cancellation of your service. Failure to return equipment to Xfinity will incur a penalty. The penalty may be the total cost of the equipment which is way more expensive than the leasing cost.

How To Return Equipment To Xfinity/ Comcast

There are three methods available to return your Xfinity/ Comcast device. Note that all the return options are free.

a. Visit An Xfinity Store or Comcast Service Center

Simply contact any Comcast Service Center or Xfinity Store near you to make an appointment. Visit the store and drop off the equipment. The customer agent in the store will give you a receipt with your return details. Xfinity will cancel your account as soon as they confirm the equipment returned.

b. Return The Equipment Online

follow the steps below to return your Xfinity Equipment via their online platform.

. Visit the Xfinity Site and sign in to your account using your Xfinity ID and Password.

. Click on ‘Equipment Return’

. Tick off the device(s) you would like to return and click on ‘Continue’.

. Check the serial number on the device to ensure it matches the detail you selected.

. Enter the reason for return and click on ‘Continue’.

. Choose a return option and follow the instructions to complete the process. After that, click on ‘Confirm’.

. If you want to ship via UPS Prepaid Shipping, click on Print Shipping Label to print the prepaid shipping label.

. Disconnect the equipment and place it in its original box.

. Attach the prepaid shipping label to the box. Remove the top portion of the label with the tracking number.

. Call UPS Via 1-800-PICK-UPS to schedule a pickup time.

. Wait for two weeks for Xfinity to confirm.

c. Return Via UPS Local Store

. Visit the UPS Site and find a store near you.

. You have the option to package the device at home using the prepaid UPS shipping label, or you take the device to the UPS store for a representative to package it.

. You will be given a receipt with a tracking number if UPS handles the packaging. Use the number to track the progress of your package.

What Equipment Do I Need To Return To Comcast/Xfinity?

Include the following in your Comcast/ Xfinity equipment return package

  • Remote Control
  • TV Box
  • Router or Modem
  • Wireless Gateway
  • Xfinity Cameras
  • Xfinity Voice Modem
  • Xfinity Internet Modem
  • XFI Pods
  • Cables
  • Power Cord.

How Long Do I Have To Return Xfinity/ Comcast Equipment?

For unopened or defective equipment, you have 14 days from the date of purchase or delivery date to return the equipment. For cancellation, you have 10 days after you cancel the service to return the equipment. Note that delay will attract more bills. The sooner you ship the equipment back, the better.

What Happens If You Don’t Return Xfinity/ Comcast Equipment?

When you sign up for an Xfinity/Comcast service, the Company leases the equipment to you and expects you to return the equipment at the expiration of your contract. Failure to return Xfinity/Comcast equipment is a breach of contract and incurs a penalty.

The penalty can be an additional bill or a fine. The fine may be an amount equivalent to the average cost of the equipment.

Xfinity/Comcast can take steps to retrieve the equipment from you. Note that, you will pay any cost incurred by Xfinity/Comcast in the process of retrieving their equipment.

Xfinity/Comcast may decide not to retrieve the equipment from you. That doesn’t mean that they’ve forgotten it or that the equipment is yours. Xfinity/Comcast will charge you a monthly carrier fee until you ship back the equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have To Return Xfinity Remote?

Yes. You have to return the Xfinity remote control. Other devices you need to return include routers, Cable or TV boxes, modems.

Do I Need To Return Ethernet Coaxial Cables?

No. The only code you need to return is the power cord or cables.