Xfinity In-Home Workaround (7 Quick Tips)

Xfinity is one of the top Internet Service Providers ISP in the Country. The Xfinity Internet service provides a fast and reliable internet plan that allows you to stream content on the internet. The service also comes with advanced security that protects your devices.

Also, Xfinity has the Xfinity stream which is a TV streaming service that allows users to stream their favorite movies, Live TVs, and entertainment shows. Each of the services comes with package plans to serve different users. The good thing is that you can access the Xfinity streaming service on your Smart TV, Smartphone, Tablet, and laptop.

To access the Xfinity streaming service, you need to connect to the In-Home Xfinity Wi-Fi network. It is the Xfinity wireless internet network, usually set up in your home that allows you to connect your smart device. The Xfinity streaming packages are connected to the internet service packages which are linked to your Xfinity account. As long as you have an active plan, you can enjoy the streaming services.

If you’ve tried to connect to the Xfinity In-Home Wi-Fi network and you see the ‘Out of Home’ or ‘In-Home only’ error message, this post is for you. At the end of this post, you will understand why you’re getting the ‘Out of Home’ or ‘In-Home only’ error messages and hacks to resolve this issue.

Why Am I Getting The ‘In-Home Only’ Error Message?

To figure out why you’re getting the In-Home only error message, you need to understand how the Xfinity Internet service works. Most Xfinity services are interlinked and have an authentication protocol that is linked to your home IP address. This was set up to secure your devices and protect your privacy.

If you try to access the Xfinity streaming service or any of their services on a different network, you will get an error message. Some people still get the In-Home only error message even when they are connected to the In-Home Wi-Fi.

Hacks For Xfinity In-Home Workaround

You can get the error message whether you’re connected or not connected to the In-Home Wi-Fi network. We will provide a solution to both.

Fix In-Home Only Error Message When Connected To Xfinity Home Network

If you’re home and connected to your In-Home internet network and you are still getting the error message, follow the hacks below to sort the issue.

a. Make Sure You’re Connected

 If you have several Wi-Fi networks at home, chances are that you’re connected to a different network that isn’t the Xfinity Home Network. Check your device and make sure you’re connected to the Xfinity Home Network. If your device is connected to the network and you still see the error message, try the other tips below.

b. Use Another Device To Stream Via Home Network

You have to check if the issue is from the network or your device. Connect another device on the wireless network and try to stream content online. If it streams content seamlessly on the network, it means the problem is from your device and not the internet connection.

On the other hand, if you’re having issues accessing the internet or streaming on another device connected to the network, it means the issue is from the network. Continue with the steps below to troubleshoot your wireless network.

c. Check Settings On The Home Network

If there’s an error in the home network settings, it can cause a connection error. The error could be on the IP address or login details. To fix the issue, log into your Xfinity account, and check the network settings. Go through each infobox and make sure you fill out the correct information.

d. Restart Your Router

if you’re connected to the Home Network and you’ve checked the settings and you’re still getting the error message, it’s time to restart your router. Restarting your router troubleshoots and fixing minor wireless connection errors. Disconnect your device from the router. Restart the router. Connect the device to the wireless network and try again.

e. Restart Your Device

Another option is to restart your device connected to the Home Network. Same with the router, restarting your device can troubleshoot and fix minor internet connection errors. Disconnect the device from the router. Turn off the device for a couple of seconds. Turn the device and reconnect to the wireless network.

Hack To Use When You’re Away From Home

What happens when you’re away from home and want to access the Xfinity Streaming service from another network? Not to worry, there are ways to access the Xfinity streaming platform via another network.

Note that, you may be able to access some of your favorite channels when you stream remotely from another network. These are tips to help you access the Xfinity streaming app remotely.

a. Use Another Mobile Device

You can access the Xfinity streaming platform on any other device even when connected to another wireless network. That includes your Smartphone, laptop, or Tablet. Simply login via your device.

b. Access With A Browser

You can log into the Xfinity streaming portal on a browser and stream your favorite channels. Note that, you may not be able to log into Netflix or similar streaming platforms that require subscription using this method. But it does serve as a temporary solution pending when you can connect to your Home Network.

c. Contact Customer Support

If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting tips mentioned above with no results, it’s time to reach out to Xfinity Customer support. Thankfully, Xfinity has responsive customer support that is always available to help customers solve issues like this. You can contact them via their Site.